A resident and native to Pike County Pennsylvania, Deborah A. Adams is a professional carver of wood, stone, and bone, specializing in heirloom, historical and nautical pieces. Deborah utilizes both power tools and 19th Century techniques to construct her unique visions and designs. Some items are to scale, exact replication, or simply through imagination. Prior to the carving process she carefully researches the historical aspects involved keeping in mind the piece's use, material, and purpose.

Deborah is involved in Manhattan's South Street Seaport Museum as a volunteer in the maritime work shop. Sal Polisi is the Master Carver in residence at the museum under which Deborah is serving as apprentice. The largest privately owned fleet of historical vessels in the country can be found at the museum, of which she is learning part of the restoration process, involving extensive research, and skill.

Why spend so much time and involvement on one piece? Fascination. Fascination in history, heirlooms and nautical items are what drive her to start and finish each and every project. A blank piece of wood, stone or bone can be created into a story. Her specialty is telling this story using technique and knowledge as well as life's experiences.